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The Vulnerable Adventurer – Why Write About Diving?

Why would anyone write about diving? It seems such a clumsy activity, restricting our motion on the surface, our peripheral vision underwater, and exposing our bodies to perils we would not encounter on a leisure hike. All the hours of preparations for roughly an hour of immersion per tank. We haul a lot of gear,…

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Diving Songs that Inspire Writing – What’s Missing?

Music is one of the universal elements with which all of us can identify. They can stir emotions and recreate the elation or sadness that we felt the first time we heard them. Sometimes a new song speaks to us as it captures the joy or pain of a specific aspect of our lives. It…

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The Diver – A Tale of Adventure, Deceit, and Redemption

I can’t tell you how excited I am to share this with you. I’m amazed at the swiftness of the passage of time. A story concocting for so many years in my my world now it’s about to see the light. Be patient. It’s in the process of getting the final touches so that the…

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Diving Straight into the Water

My father was of the philosophy that if you are going into the water, you might as well dive in. There’s no more torturous approach than the self-applied ritual of dipping the toes to test the temperature. Chances are the water will be colder than we expect and will shock us. Thus we approach the…

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