Who is Holden Gerrig?

Holden Gerrig, AuthorWho is this guy?

Yes, I’ve heard that one many times–more than I care to count.

That’s fine if you don’t know me. Perhaps I’ve seen you at the ferry, or at the water taxi, or at Pike Place Market. Maybe I’ve seen you hiking in the Olympics, or the Cascades, or perhaps skiing in Eastern Washington.

I guess that’s all irrelevant.

Who I am is not important. What matters is what I have for you and I guess that’s what brings you here. Let me tell you what I want you to have.

My soul…

Yes, you read correctly. Whenever you open the pages to my works, you experience a piece of my soul. The characters are not me, or you, or anyone you may know. Granted, all of them have had an initial inspiration from a real individual but they evolved to become their own entity. Sometimes the identity of the character will make very clear who the inspiration was, and you will know, but those will be exceptions.

You will recognize some places but they will feature events of which you never heard. The sounds, the sights, and their identity are respected but modified to suit the story.

All of these people and places came to my life to provide me with inspiration. They transformed my soul and provided me with the energy to pour it and share it with you.

Perhaps we’ll get to know each other, perhaps we won’t but I want to reassure that nothing but great respect for you has gone into what I’m giving you.

My philosophy on life is one of motion. To learn as much of all the things that fascinate us and give us happiness. To smile and keep going no matter what.

I hope you have as much reading and as I did writing, and please don’t forget to leave me a review, if you so deem worth it.

Peace and Happiness,


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