Holden Gerrig is a Seattle based author. His writing—praised as magnetic and visceral—focuses on the deep aspects of the human psyche and our unquenchable thirst for wisdom.

Holden is passionate about the outdoors and the gifts of life and spends a significant portion of his time meditating in the escape of nature.

Holden Gerrig finds inspiration in his ample experience dealing with vulnerable corners of the human psyche. This experience is reflected in his writing, where you’ll find all too familiar scenarios of the frailty of the human spirit in the face of adversity, the self-serving justifications of those engaged in deception, the wounded love that turns into hate, the revenge blind to self-destruction, and the gloom of the awakening conscience.

But he also celebrates the simple pleasures and regales you with vivid descriptions of love, friendships, and redemption. He tantalizes the senses with his elegant but steamy narrations of encounters, and acknowledges the power of our most primal drives in our lives. His words stir feelings and passion, drawing you to love or hate characters until a twist throws the unexpected.

Holden places a high value on his privacy and when not writing or at his day job, he seeks the peace and solitude of nature. You can keep up with the author his blog www.HoldenGerrig.com