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The Eye of The Editor

It was well over a year ago, February 2014, that I met with Noah. He smiled but his eyes lacked the luster of true excitement. I knew then that he wasn’t going to deliver the news I wanted. “It’s a great story,” he said. “And the descriptions of diving are magnificent.” He sighed. “But you’ll…

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Resurrection Requires Death

It’s not up until recently that I resumed my online prowling and interacting. Refreshing to see many avid readers greet me with a smile. “Geez, man! You’ve resurrected!” they say. “I haven’t,” I reply. “Resurrection demands death and I’ve been very much alive.” But where have I been? Why have I been keeping such a…

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Lessons That Can’t Be Ignored – What Super Bowl LVIII and The Seahawks Taught Us About Life

When the game concluded and the festivities spilled out to the streets, I felt grateful and wiser for having two of the major lessons of life reinforced in me. I would like to share them with you.

The first one materialized the very moment Peyton Manning missed the opening snap.

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Crazy Adventures in Meditation and Philosophy

Meditation is such an adventure. Sometimes is predictable. It shows you the path for the goals you want to achieve and brings calmness to your mind. Other times, you get unexpectedly transported to a new dimension and things get interesting. The abstract collides and mingles with the solid, linear relation cease and randomness establishes order…

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