Meditation is such an adventure. Sometimes it's predictable. It shows you the path for the goals you want to achieve and brings calmness to your mind. Other times, you get unexpectedly transported to a new dimension and things get interesting. The abstract collides and mingles with the solid; linear relation cease and randomness establishes order and predictability, and you reach depths you never thought possible.

It’s also during those times that revelations and new concepts appear and what was confusing once seems now more orderly. The only other time I experience this kind of peace is during diving. It was only a couple of days ago after an intense period of meditation that a strong feeling surged in me and urged me not only to record my thoughts, but also share them.

I have no idea what your take will be on this but I know I have the strong desire to share them. Perhaps it’ll appears insane, perhaps it’ll make sense to you. I don’t know. All I can tell you is that I felt a tremendous peace after writing this and I hope it stimulates your thoughts.

This is what I learned.

We are the dreams of a higher conscience embarked in its own process of learning. What this learning is, we cannot know until we depart this realm and rejoin the collective higher intelligence out of which this manifestation of conglomerated energy that we call life comes from.

But we are not completely blind to this dimension and this higher conscience allows a glimpse when it communicates with our subconscious. It needs to do so as it is part of us and we are part of it, one with the universe. Why else do we get these moments when we ponder about the meaning of life, wonder what roles we play in the big picture, and worry what happens after we close our eyes in eternal slumber.

We raise our shields. Our conscious mind—driven by limbic system, the so called reptilian brain—takes over and makes us believe we’re insane. We should not be contemplating that which cannot be measured by the linear world in which humanity has imprisoned its gifts.

The higher intelligence knows of our fragility and protects us from ourselves. We’re after all, its dreams and our fleeting existence just as easily vanishing. We’re the learning tools of a higher intelligence which has bestowed us with delicious gifts to divert our attention and prevent our small comprehension from driving us to madness.

We can thank it for the gift of sex and the power of the sex drive. Without it, our existence would be devoid of higher accomplishment other than self-perpetuation. It is the sex drive that makes us pursue excellence, distinction, and accomplish our ambitions, all in the name of attracting the attention of the opposite gender, whether we admit it or not.

It is only when we’re transitioning to the next dimension and leaving behind our human shell that the world of which we so much pondered opens up and readies to receive us again. It is at that moment that we realize it was all a distraction to save our fragile minds from getting overwhelmed by a greater existence and that we were only part of its learning. It is only then we look back at the transition of events that marked our stay in the material world and smile, nodding with our last breath, as we realize we’ll come back and experience it again.

As we rejoin the collective conscience, we smile and express our gratitude. “Thank you for the magnificent gift of sex and the excellence of the sex drive,” we say. “It was one heck of a ride and I’ve learned much. I’m ready to join you back, share my experience, and ready myself for the next stage of learning in this universal journey. I thank you and I can’t wait to return to this amazing ride.”