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The Hunter’s Daughter – Part I

An original story by Holden Gerrig

It was the first time Seth cried. Tears were foreign to him and he regarded them as a sign of weakness and of a questionable manhood. But the tears poured copious as he wailed his affliction.

His bare skin felt the chill of the night as he crouched in the refuge of large red cedars. She can’t find me here, he thought, trying to calm his furiously beating heart and his fears. He closed his eyes, swallowing his snot and tears. He was cold. His bare flesh was drenched in sweat of exertion. Running away from Janet felt slow despite his efforts and he knew it had to be from whatever she used to tamper his drink.

The mist of the night in the Olympic Mountains siphoned his body heat and he started shivering. The only places where he wasn’t cold were his groin and the soles of his feet. He ran out of the cabin barefooted and cut his feet in the sharp ground as he tried to create distance from the pain. Seth felt a warm liquid oozing out of his feet. He knew it was his blood.

The pain in his groin grew intense and made him forget about his feet. He was afraid to remove his numb hands lest his genitals fell out. He tried to touch to assess the damage but the pain made him wince. He removed his hand slowly and felt flesh come out detached.

Seth cried with clenched teeth, shivering in cold and fear. He wanted to look down at his mutilated organs but it was to no avail. It was dark and he could not distinguish details. Maybe she gave up, he thought when he did not hear Janet anymore. But he knew she’d be back. I’ll have to kill her. Seth was determined but wondered how he’d be able to accomplish his plan. His dead hands were swollen and tried to divert his attention away from the pain in his groin.

I’ll have to kill her. It’s self-defense, he thought justifying his decision.

Seth’s eyes eased the tears and his senses paid attention to his injuries, reconstructing the events.

It was supposed to be a romantic getaway for him and Janet. It was their second year anniversary and she surprised him with a getaway to a secluded cabin in the Olympic Mountains. When she also presented him with prime-seat tickets to the Seahawks game, Seth felt a twinge of remorse for all the times he cheated on her.

He had been unfaithful over a dozen times since they started their relationship. He went to great lengths to conceal his deeds and Janet never hinted of knowing. Seth thought he was getting away with crime and that encouraged him to continue. His last fling was with Marcia, a newly relocated accountant from Portland who met him and Janet after filing their taxes.

But Janet did not show signs of knowing. She packed for their trip promising a love fest. She teased him by pointing at the black negligee and handcuffs she had in her backpack and brought a bottle a Merlot she only savored on special occasions.

Seth’s tears returned. She knew, she always did, he thought recalling the events preceding his quandary. They went for an invigorating hike earlier in the day and Janet was going to make him a surprise dinner.

“What do you have in mind?” he asked biting his lips and pulling her to his embrace when she announced her plans for supper.

“It wouldn’t be a surprise if I told you, would it?” She smiled back putting her arms around his neck. “But you’ll never forget it,” she said with a wink.

Seth thought a world of fantasies and eagerly sat at the dinner table. Janet made his favorite pot roast and a chocolate Bundt cake. “Happy anniversary, Seth,” she said with a smile. “It’s going to be unforgettable.”

Seth smiled back when they toasted. He downed his wine and thought it odd Janet kept the drink close to her lips but did not sip. She kept looking at him, smiling without blinking. Seth felt a heavy sensation collapse him and his ears buzzed as the room faded to darkness.

The searing pain in his genitals woke him up. His groggy eyes saw Janet in the black negligee, holding the steaming cast iron pan as she poured the boiling water over his groin.

He screamed his agony in a voice that rattled the cedar shingles in the wooden cabin. Janet laughed and mocked him. “Did you scream this hard when you were doing Marcia?” she cackled. “Keep screaming, darling. Nobody can hear you.” She continued pouring the endless stream of boiling water.

Seth couldn’t get away. He laid naked on the bed with his hands secured to the headboard by handcuffs. His only defense was trying to kick as he squirmed trying to break free.

“Where do you think you’re going? We’re far from done,” Janet said as she approached his face and repositioned the cast iron pan.

“Please, stop!” he begged with tears and pain, afraid to look at the damage below his waist. “I’m sorry about Marcia. I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

Janet laughed as she looked at him. “Doesn’t matter, Seth, it’s too late for apologies.”

“Please, Janet. I’m sorry. I’ll make it up to you.”

“I know,” she said raising the pan overhead with both hands. “You already are.” She looked at him without blinking.

Seth screamed and fought his bindings as Janet bashed his hands and forearms with the pan. The heavy pot made her aim uncertain and she missed several times, striking the bars of the headboard instead of his limbs. Seth’s mind was still foggy but he knew his life was in danger and summoned desperate strength.

He managed to break the bars of the headboard securing his handcuffs. He wanted to grab them and wield them as weapons but his hands did not respond.

“Bassstarrrd!” Janet shrieked approaching him with the pan ready to strike his head but Seth managed to kick her in the stomach, knocking her wind out. The searing pain from his groin shot up to his eyes balls and urged him to escape.

He rushed out of the cabin into the cold and damp mountain darkness, intent on creating distance. His heart raced and his brain tried to shed the fog of what put him to sleep. He thought he should’ve grabbed a knife or an ax from the cabin but it was to no avail. His hands were not working and all they could do was shroud his painful burns.

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